Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BUTTONista Polo-T

What is the definition of a button in your mind ? Round round button as shown in the picture?

Now, I'm impressed by the other design of a polo tee shirt in their sense of colors, cutting. Thus, now I'm having this idea ----- to put some creative ideas on the buttons and make
the t-shirt ALL HANDMADE.
This creative idea will highly grab the attention of the audience and it has shown the results.
We not only doing this t-shirt design by matching its color, its style, but also putting the idea inside the t-shirt.
We have tested the market, by letting customers to have a pre-order session for a limited amount ( maximum 60 pieces to be produced at the time as to test the market), but within 6 hours, there were almost 30+ people had already pre-ordered, and some of them paid in cash instantly although this HANDMADE polo-t has to wait for 14 days to complete.

picture taken by Garlic Hoo ( LBF's group admin)

Images TALk

Easy and understandable advertisement.
We are taught that not to use handphone while driving.
This advertisement simply use an image that showing a car crash, rather then telling drivers in words that, using mobile phones while driving will cause death.
Sometimes pictures talk.


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THINK and BE out of the BOX

This picture is funny, we never thought of using the timeline in Facebook in such creative way.
Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos (27)
It rolls my eyes big!

Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos (2)
Dont hide~ I will be right there for you~~~~
Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos (16)
Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos (1)
Colorful theme

Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos (7)
Couldn't imagine how's creativity to be measured
Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos (5)
Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos (22)

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Sometimes, we are hurt by WORDS

Too True to be TRUE, it's fact that silent kills, but too much of noise will only hurt ourselves.

It opens my mind that we usually calling those people who spreads rumors and gossips bitc*.
"Words hurt, 
You can't see them but the scares from
verbal abuse are real and can last for years.
Don't suffer in silence,"

This image had really creatively show out the meaning of WORDS HURT. It reminds me that I did hurt my dearest mum by my words when I was 7, but I regretted too late, because the damage has done.

This picture is very meaning that we can actually put more and more ideas to spread this meaning to the world. because they used a serious scar on the lips of the woman to show its seriousness.

this picture also shows its funny and creative way of WORDS HURT.

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CREATIVITY --__how to protect you belongings__--

As shown, it surprised me that a simple, nice, neat, and also creative way to keep our important belongings, even though robbers broke into our house, they will not be able to find those inconspicuous places.
Simply inspired me to put creativity into the way to protect our important one. Using some compartment spaces in my room and make it creative, the more inconspicuous the best it is.

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Orange in Green Apple

This made me thought of "Never Judge By Its Cover"
We were taught to do so, but STILL we are practicing it all the time.

This picture simply showing an orange inside an apple, it's really depends on us how to have a deeper thought of thinking toward a issue.

It's about creative,  creative is not just applied in designing, but also in our "MODE" of thinking. With this image, it really extended my mode of thinking into a further stage. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creative letters created by using the fingers, it's not a sign language but a typeface.
it inspired me to use shadow to do something special.
For example, we commonly created dogs, rabbits, with the candle light, we actually can use some thin paper to create a lighter shadow, and mix with some solid shadow, this will be more real and movements could be involved inside

this is a very AMAZING to describe the black and white art.
he uses simple items to create humanity movement with some expression in different angle.

Source : 

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